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Tina Truax
Ending Life
Tina Truax, author

"Ending Life: A Young Girl's Journey Through Abortion" provides a glimpse into the heart and mind of author Tina Truax, a self-proclaimed pro-lifer, as she prepares for, and endures, a post-rape abortion.


How do you five star a story about ending a life? This poignant, short but profound look at abortion is heart wrenching to say the least. It's as though you're standing in front of a mirror, observing the event from both sides. You get the fear and trepidation from character's POV, only to be slapped in the face with the cold and unattached 'clinical' side from the nurse and doctor. There's a definite message here...terminating a pregnancy is an extremely emotional and personal choice on the part of a woman, yet it's merely a business in the eyes of the provider. It's a double edged sword and clearly, there are no winners here. Kudos to the author for tackling a touchy subject in such a personal way.....and I'm betting she's a survivor!


This short story is only a glimpse into the character's larger self. It provokes much thought about what led to this decision and this circumstance. It leads you to wonder, "what happened next." It also shows the love and support of a family.