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Bruce Post
Eris Adrift
Bruce Post, author
\tWhat if the entire world civilization collapsed in chaos and you were on a cruise ship in the Caribbean? That’s exactly what happens to The Eris, a thirteen-deck modern cruise ship sailing out of Montego Bay, Jamaica, when the chaos erupts. Where would you go and what would you do as cities go up in flames and within days you have no more television, no more internet and no more cell service. The crew, armed with only a few pistols, must prepare a defense as pirates and marauders attack helpless ships with no fear of being rebuffed by either the Coast Guard or the US Military. Beyond defense, the Passengers and crew of the Eris must decide how and where they might survive. With no hope of resupply, they must organize themselves using only their existing food, water and fuel. Fighting tropical storms, pirates, the Cuban Military and intervention by the US Navy, the Eris and its passengers and crew survive it all to determine their own fate.