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Eternal Devotion
A.R. Jackson, author

Children/Young Adult; Romance; (Market)

Kevin was bound to be a star. He grew up in a sports-driven family and was groomed to play football all of his life. Things were going well, as he had just received a full-ride scholarship to play in college. On track to excel professionally, life throws a wrench in his plans after being kicked off the team. This results in the loss of his scholarship, quickly followed by the loss of a good education.

Lost and unaware of what the future will hold, the curve balls continue to come. After already dealing with the emotional trauma and scare of his mother’s cancer diagnoses years ago, she is then diagnosed a second time—now at stage four. Just as everything is spiraling out of control, he meets a young lady by the name of Faith, who has also found herself maneuvering through the maze of life. As fate would have it, they come together at a time where there seems to be no end in sight. Both find a sense of peace in one another that was lost along the journey. But now that Kevin and Faith have found the meaning of true love, their journey was just beginning.