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JulieJoe B.
Author, Illustrator, Translator, Contributor, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
Ethan Templeton Awakens the All-Seeing Eye
JulieJoe B., author
He suddenly heard a noise coming from the bedroom. It sounded like a radio or maybe a TV, so he hurries back to the room, but it’s empty. What is this place? There is something definitely not right here! A loud flickering sound starts echoing through the room. It becomes more like a static sound as he walks into the room, thinking to himself, “No, it’s more like a radio that has lost its station.” He slowly walks around the room, looking around to find the source but no such luck in finding it. He yells, “Who’s here? What is going on? Show yourself?” Is Ethan about to meet his destiny? Ethan Templeton Awakens the All-Seeing Eye is an immensely captivating and thrilling rollercoaster ride from start to finish.