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Tori Bailey
Ethel's Song - A Coming Home Novel
Tori Bailey, author

"I'm already married" was not the response Madison expected.  As a lawyer, he never asked a question he did not already know the answer.  In his heart, he was positive Ethel would accept.  Never in a million years would he have expected her response.  Part of him felt betrayed by this sudden revelations.  The other part of him was sure she had misspoken.

  Ethel Song studied the coastal evening sky and tried to find a starting point in explaining why she couldn't accept Madison's proposal   She was not sure if the man she shared two sons and a last name was still alive. The night Howard Song walked out of her life was blessing.  She no longer had to endure his abuse.  

Howard was very much alive and news of Ethel's plans to divorce him and pending nuptials had reached him. It was time  to return home and lay claim to his wife and family. 

Doug Dahlgren - Host of The Doug Dahlgren Show

 There comes a time when the heart no longer believes in itself. Call it resignation, call it settling for what you have, but the emphasis for life is redirected in other ways than one’s passion and desire. The ability to love is still there…two boys are raised, one with knowledge beyond his years and another protected from the truth. A child of another, a child that needs you, is raised with the all the love anyone could muster.
Life goes on… until that day the tired heart picks up speed and the mind starts to remember.
Ethel’s story is told with compassion and through characters that live in your head, after the book is closed. Terrific writing.

Barbara Barth - Author of The Unfaithful Widow

I love that the location for this book is Athens, Georgia. The author is a great southern writer and makes the reader feel at home in the characters' surroundings. "Ethel's Song" is the second book in the "Coming Home" series. It is fun to see how the characters have grown in this new novel. Great dialog and descriptions. Romance and suspense keep the reader involved. 

Dew on the Kudzu Reviews

"This second installment of the Coming Home series could easily stand alone.  Tori has a way of creating characters that could easily be your neighbor."