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Even Mountains Die
Scott Bishop, author
When a young man pays a visit to his older, wiser mentor to learn where mankind and the world are headed, the young man gets more, far more, than he bargains for, and readers, a wild ride through an ordinary world full of magic and adventure. One part magical realism, another part fantasy, Even Mountains Die takes a hard and personal look at how man's greed is exacting a devastating price on his environment in a fresh and interesting way. Sure to please the most hard core fantasy reader, Even Mountains Die cuts across literary boundaries to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Some will read it for sheer pleasure while others will see it as a cautionary tale. Still others will read it for the pearls of wisdom that can be found along the way. Two men. Both of this world and of the other. The fabric of life being torn apart. The world's fate hanging in the balance. One fragile line bears Man's hope.