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Exam Room Confidential

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

This fictional account is a revealing and shocking inside look at the underbelly of medicine and one doctor’s life and the medical and social pathology he confronts. This book will make you think hard about the trust, faith, and respect you place in your doctors and the systems in which they work. Through the use of the novel, the book explores physician aided death, end of life rights, gender issues, physician empowerment, and more. Includes a glossary, book club discussion topics, resources, and more. Readers have said: "A black book of fiction. I just hope medicine isn’t like this." "A winning combination of humor and anger that is extraordinarily compelling." "The doctors involved in this family's case are horrifying and one of the highlights of the book." "Who among us doesn't like to read books about the "inside story"


By steve dressler on December 28, 2014

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Wow. Medical expose. Check, check, check
Mystery. Check, check
Philosophical debates forever.....check

Well written, engrossing--- an unfortunately, from multiple first hand experiences---an all- too-true expose of the current attitudes and practices used by the medical community in every state we've lived in. If you doubt any of it.......well, I don't know what to tell you. You live a very sheltered life.
At 2 AM my husband woke up and asked me what I was reading, and I replied, " I'm reading about my family and their experiences with modern medicine. I guess we were not alone." Incredibly, some of it is word for word. Fascinately, and depressing at the same time. This book needs to be read and passed around.


Very engaging and good flow. Siegel really captured the backdrop of hospitals ...

By BJ -Turk on December 14, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition

Very engaging and good flow. Siegel really captured the backdrop of hospitals and patient care. There are clever plot twists that keep you in suspense. The book is also informative about how to be a better advocate for your own medical care. The dialogue between doctors sounded like it really could happen and reinforces how much of medicine depends upon relationships both patient -doctor and doctor to doctor. Well done!!!


Is this true or not???

By Cindy Silverglat on December 14, 2014

Format: Paperback

EXCELLENT BOOK!!! Reads fast and could not put down!! A well written novel that puts a question in your mind as to whether this can and does happen in the hospitals and Drs offices around. A medical "who done it" written with humor, passion and empathy for the characters. Looking forward to a second book by this author! Every chapter a thriller!!


5.0 out of 5 stars great Naples, Florida beach read, December 21, 2014


Mona K. - See all my reviews

This review is from: Exam Room Confidential: The Wellborne Files (Kindle Edition)

a great read, a mashup of humor, empathy, rage and disbelief at the possibility of the things that might really be happening in doctors' offices and hospitals!!! loved reading it on Naples beach, which I suspect is really close by the "real" location!! Well done, Dr. Siegel!!!