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Except the Lord Build the House

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

Millions of dollars have been profited from the popular "Left Behind" novels and their affiliated movies, which are based on the widely accepted belief that the church will be raptured prior to the "Great Tribulation" of the endtime. But is the pretribulation view an accurate account of what the Bible really says? ...or is it merely based on someone's interpretative opinion? In his book, entitled "Except the Lord Build the House: A Biblical Examination of the Return of Jesus Christ and the Rapture of His Church," author Norm Eberly takes his audience on a journey through the Bible, demonstrating how the Holy Scriptures, when taken at face value, paint a picture of the endtime that is far different from what popular opinion would have us believe. Firmly adhering to the literal Scriptures, Mr. Eberly meticulously dismantles the doctrine of a pretribulation rapture by revealing its cryptic origins, its weaknesses, and its numerous contradictions. With over 100 colorful illustrations, and based on decades of research, this book is sure to make waves in Christian fundamentalist circles as a bold challenge to the status quo of today's scholarly thought. "A winningly open, lucid, and eye-catching explanation of the apocalypse." — Kirkus Reviews
Kirkus Reviews

"A winningly open, lucid, and eye-catching explanation of the apocalypse." --  Kirkus Reviews
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