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john smith, translator
Opportunities and constraints After being hit hard by the crisis, Spain is recovering. The rating agency Standard and Poor's has just raised Spain's rating by one notch, welcoming the improvement in the economic prospects of a country that has been able to reform structurally. Investors are looking back to the Iberian Peninsula, which is still plagued by a very high unemployment rate (25.93% at present). In the video below, import-export experts tell us about the opportunities but also the difficulties to predict in its economic relations with the Spanish. Metallurgy, chemistry, agri-food and bio-industry are the main growth activities in northern Spain. Unfortunately, red tape is still present in the Hispanic kingdom. Facilitate exchanges through Spanish translation It will therefore be necessary to optimize communication and understanding with its Iberian interlocutors through a quality Spanish translation. Our translation company can take care of it for you. Whether it's for your documents bound for Spain or Spanish speakers from America.