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Fall into Happiness
If you, or someone you love has been justifying harmful behavior or living in chaos and dysfunction, this book will serve as a lifeline to something better. The story will resonate with its powerful message for those who have found themselves battling addiction, never truly living, just going through the motions and believing there is no way out. Written with honesty, love and courage, the author takes you on an inspirational journey as she finds her worth, and helps others to do the same as they learn to embrace their flaws. Born into an alcoholic family, Karen began drinking at thirteen, suffered from abuse at fourteen, and lost her mother to cancer at fifteen. That was only the beginning of a life filled with addiction, pain and suffering as she tried to hold on to the facade she was living. But suddenly the fall began. One day she had enough of the pretense and had a desire to feel genuinely alive. Fall into Happiness was written to provide hope ... hope that you can change your life and live with love, peace and happiness.