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Falling In
EVANGELINE I have loved Cole since I was six years old. He was there for me when no one else was. When every day was like your first day in Hell. He’s my best friend. My lover. Father of my children. My protector. He was supposed to be my always and forever. I never once thought I could fall for someone else. Until he moved next door and changed everything. JAKE My life has been one shit storm after another. I’ve lost everyone I have ever loved. It’s been the worst eight months of my life. The only shining aspect has been becoming guardian to my nephew Ben. Both of us have been a pair of joyless, lethargic zombies struggling to get back to normal. Until she walked through my door with wild hair and a cake in her hands dead set on bringing us back to life. In that moment I knew. I had to have her and I wouldn’t stop until I did. ***This book is part one of the Falling In Series.