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Far Tune: Autumn (Volume 1)
Terry Eisele, author
Far Tune, the coming-of-age story of Fartun Hashi, a young Somali refugee girl, living in Columbus, Ohio, recounts a teenage girl’s adjustment to a new culture and a new school and the alienation, loneliness, and eventual triumph over adversity that she experiences. Fartun Hashi has known many homes—Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya; London, England; and now Columbus, Ohio. From a young age, she has been forced to learn how to deal with traumas that people much older struggle to overcome. What she really wants now is to live her life just like any other fourteen year old—hang out with friends she can trust, do well in school, have success on her soccer team, and maybe go for one day without fighting with her dad and older brother. Far Tune is a character-driven story which mixes the quotidian realities of the daily life of a Midwestern teenager with larger themes like race, class, and religion.