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J.R. Boleyn
Far Way to Even
J.R. Boleyn, author
The new millennium is here folks, and it's not going well. Seems the world can't stop warring over their petty self-righteous dispositions for intolerance. Well it's high time to put an end to this madness. Can religion and science, with their elegant secrets of Zen-time and modern revelations of quantum physics keep them from destroying the world in time? Or will golf and rock 'n roll? In FAR WAY TO EVEN, Boleyn refuses to sit quietly in the waiting room. He much prefers to play, crashing through the door and taking your chair, along with your cigars, and having a jolly good time doing it. Crafting all the shades of satire available at his disposal, the journey of a mud-stained guitar and his shifty golf club pal on their unlikely way to play the world stage with their heroes turns into a tour de force commentary on what plagues modern humanity. Much to our surprise, the probability of a cure existing within quantum fields of Zen guitars golfing along fairways to heaven provides a vast playing field for Boleyn's outrageous predilection for literary mischief.