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Fast Forward Your Career

Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Market)

There are 7 proven career success principles highlighted and illustrated in Fast Forward Your Career. Using these principles at work has proven itself in the careers of over 60 executives from Apple Computer to Xcel Energy. The book explains each success principle and then includes application exercises to help apply it in the reader's career. There is even a 12-page workbook available for free download. It took 10 years of research with very successful people to isolate what works. It is in everyone's interest, whether employer or employee to see that these principles are used. The result is employees who can make a greater contribution at work while earning future promotions faster and with greater financial reward.


All of the reviews on Amazon are 5 star.  The book has been selected as the basis for three on-line courses which are in process and will be available at and the Utility Leadership Academy. 

7 webinars featuring the book have received 4.8 ratings on a 5 point scale by over 200 supervisors, middle managers, and directors.

Since book promotion began several months ago, four energy companies have ordered 25 or more books for group sessions.

Major Energy Companies Select Fast Forward Your Career as Employee Development T

Fast Forward Your Career is now being actively promoted along with its companion Career Success Tool Kit.  The Tool Kit is a free download at  Company sponsored groups and individuals use the Tool Kit along with the book.  The Tool Kit guides each employee through a careful analysis of how they are using each success principle today and then gives them the tools they need to build a plan to make a greater impact in the future.  The Tool Kit references each principle, encourages readers to assess their current use of the principle and then suggests positive actions based upon the experience of over 60 senior executives.  The result is an individual's personal career plan.

Fewer than 10% of employees ever make a career plan.  Energy companies are concerned that 30-40% of their management team members will retire in the next 5 years.  They want to prepare their future leaders by sharing career success principles that have proven themselves as high value for their employee's future and the companies' continued success.