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Myo Nwe
Fat-Me-Not, Weight Loss Diet of the Future
Myo Nwe, MD, author

Adult; Health, Diet, Parenting, Home, Crafts & Gardening; (Create)

Did you know that current weight loss techniques and products in the market reflect the knowledge and research of the 1980s? Since then, the science of obesity and weight loss has progressed in leaps and bounds, but no one tells you about it. And it is this knowledge you really need in order to be successful in losing weight and keeping it off. The authors have finally connected the advances in weight-loss science and brought that knowledge from the annals of research journals to your doorstep in a simplified, easy-read, fun, and entertaining way. Why try to lose weight the old way when powerful new research, stuck in scientific journals until now, can make it easier, simpler, and safer for you to shed those pounds? In this book you will learn: How your body regulates your weight and how you can use it to your advantage; Why, when you diet and lose weight, you gain back even more pounds than before; If you are trapped in the FAT-ME-YES cycle and how to get out of it; Why today’s diets do not sustain weight loss and why the diet of the future is an easier, simpler, and safer way to lose weight; Read the real scientific studies in the form of fun-to-read “rat stories” and learn from them; Read the stories about challenge & success of the patients from Ace Medical Weight Loss Center and learn how you can achieve your goal; This book contains this, as well as a lot more about weight-loss success strategies, that you can start on right away.