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Fatherhood:The Journey from Man to Dad
Bruce Linton, author
A new generation of men understand that fatherhood requires more than being an economic provider. Their desire to be involved, nurturing parents reflects a fundamental shift in male identity. They want more from life than a pay check and a promotion. They want meaning and purpose, and there is no greater contribution to the world than raising a healthy and happy child. This book of essays spans 30 years of Dr. Linton's writing on fatherhood. Each chapter is concluded with 3 questions for self reflection. Bruce raises important issues concerning values and the father's inner experience. Bruce writes simply and honestly and illuminates how men change when they become fathers.
Andrew Samuels

I am not the only writer on ‘fathers’ to have eagerly tracked Bruce Linton’s highly significant writings and activities over the past thirty years. His inspiring thinking is rooted deeply in his workshops and community activities. This work comes directly from his experience of the experience of others. He is therefore taking care of the partners, children and grandchildren of his participants just as much as he is taking care of them. This is quite an achievement and deserves widespread recognition. As the United States engages with a different kind of ‘father of the nation’, the political and cultural relevance of this book is very clear.


Ann Davidman

You won’t be able to read this book and not feel touched by Bruce letting you in on his life as a father. You’ll feel Bruce’s heart in each of these essays. Fatherhood: The Journey from Man to Dad offers you concrete information about how to reach for how you want to be a father more than gives you advice on how to be a father. Whether you’re already a father, thinking about becoming one or about to be one, each essay ends with concrete suggestions that help you make the transition from Bruce’s story to your ever-evolving story. Even if you read this book to become an ally to a friend who is a father you’ll find that the stories are priceless.

There’s nothing in this book you’ll find anywhere else. This is a must read and a gift to all men and all women.

Ann Davidman, Marriage & Family Therapist, Motherhood Clarity Mentor and co-author of Motherhood-Is It For Me? Your Step-by-Step Guide to Clarity

Heather Gibbs Fleet

With thoughtful essays and deeper questions for additional self-reflection, Dr. Linton's book serves to do what his discussion groups have done so well: prepare men to become the best fathers they can be.

As a mom, I can't speak highly enough of his methods or results.

Heather Gibbs Flett, author of Stuff Every Mom Should Know