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Fear of the Tide: The Untold Story of a Cuban Rebel

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A true story of a Cuban rebel that joined covert operations in attempts to stop the Castro Regime from taking over Cuba and ended up fearing for his life.
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Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

Fear of the Tide: The Untold Story of a Cuban Rebel by Analise M. Oliver is a riveting biography that follows the life of one of Cuba’s rebels, David Fuentes Martinez. When he bought a train ticket from his native, underdeveloped rural Las Matinas to Havana, the young David consoled himself with the thought of being with his father. Yes, he was leaving everything he’d ever known behind. Fidel Castro overthrew the government in 1959 and took over power, facing a lot of opposition and resistance from the CIA and anti- revolutionists. David joined the fray in the hopes of stopping a communist regime from overtaking his home town. But this was the beginning of a nightmare for him that would send him through many dangers, tight spots, and eventually find him leaving his native Cuba for good.

Analise M. Oliver has crafted a story that offers readers a splendid political panorama of Cuba in the years of Fidel Castro, a riveting, heartbreaking story of the revolution lived through the eyes of an individual. Readers will be captivated by the stunning social commentaries, the exciting plot and the huge conflict. From the moment the protagonist boards the train from his home town and heads towards Havana, the reader is spellbound, completely pulled into the narrative by the strong and irresistible voice. The setting is done to perfection, allowing readers to perceive the social structures, the economic hardships, and the corruption that swept through Cuba during this historic time. Fear of the Tide: The Untold Story of a Cuban Rebel allows readers to relive the Cuban revolution and to feel its horrors. A well-crafted biography that is as revealing as it is entertaining. I couldn’t put it down.