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Felix Finds Out!
Joan Slowey, author
Felix lives with his uncle, Eddie, who works in a pub where someone is stealing whiskey and cigarettes.. Eddie and his friend, Mrs Boyd, suspect Hennessy who works there at weekends but is also the school caretaker. Eddie asks Felix to try and find out if Hennessy has hidden anything suspicious in the school. Felix chooses the new girl, Samantha, to help him. They find the stolen goods in a shed behind the school and Felix is anxious to tell his uncle but Samantha has other ideas, including blackmail . . .

[Following is the official review of "Felix Finds Out" by Joan Slowey.

Felix Finds Out by Joan Slowey is a charming children’s book set in Ireland. I recommend this story for children in the 6-12 age range. 

Ten-year-old Felix is a shy, quiet boy who lives with his Uncle Eddie. Starting out in a new school, he has not made any friends and is dreading the upcoming Fancy Dress Party. Meanwhile, Uncle Eddie is having problems with his job at the pub. Someone who works there is stealing cigarettes, drinks, and crisps. Eddie’s boss is angry enough to start firing everyone if they don’t figure out who the culprit is. Eddie has his suspicions, but needs Felix’s help to confirm it. Felix wants to aid his uncle, but he is scared and needs some help from friends. The only problem? He does not have any friends...yet. 

I love the characters in this book. Some of them are over the top and others are quite normal, but each of them have their own personality. I could easily picture Felix and understand his frustrations; frustrations that are certainly fitting for a ten-year-old boy. 

This book is an easy read, not too long and fast-paced. The plot is uncomplicated and perhaps a bit simplistic. However, it is suitable for its target age. I originally thought the story would be a mystery, but it is made known early on who the culprit is, so there is not very much crime solving going on. I think the main focus is the underlying theme of friendship.

I did notice some typos throughout the book. There are not many, but enough to make it feel like the book could use some cleaning up. Also, my copy of the book randomly switched the font type back and forth. I am guessing that it is just the PDF copy I was given, and not actually like that when you buy the book. 

I do want to mention that there is some language. I feel like it is out of place in a children’s book like this and it would have been nicer not to have it at all. I must also warn that the children also try smoking at one point in the story so some parents may not feel like this is a good example for their children.

My rating for Felix Finds Out is 3 out of 4 stars. It is a cute story, one that is not complex, but has delightful characters. I think this is a great book for children who are looking for an easy and enjoyable read. They will find enough action to keep them interested while rooting for Felix to make friends.