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Larry Buenafe
Ferdie and the Seven: Book One: When the Angels Are Gone
Ferdie Shamley is struggling to survive. Those closest to him have suffered brutal deaths, and he is the reason. Ferdie is one of The Seven, a group of humans gifted with supernatural abilities. But he is not just one of The Seven, he is the ONE. His tragic life has formed him, sharpened him, while still in middle school in Bakersfield, California. His power has plunged him into a supernatural shadow world, where an enemy of earth-shattering power awaits... To have any hope of surviving, he will need help, and it's a good thing he has it, in the form of dubious angels, sketchy demons, and best friend Marshall "Marsh-dog" Nolan, a pint-sized computer genius with a giant 'fro. Join Ferdie and friends on their harrowing journey as they try to stay alive long enough to defeat a supernatural enemy intent on death and destruction. If they fail, the world will fall, and the clock is ticking... Fans of Harry Potter, The Vampire's Apprentice, and the Demonata series will love Ferdie and the Seven! Dark, funny, sad, and exciting, When the Angels are Gone, is the first book in the Ferdie and the Seven teen/young adult urban fantasy series by Larry Buenafe.
Reader's Favorite


    Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

    A great addition to urban fantasy titles, Ferdie and the Seven by Larry Buenafe is the first book in a series, a story with a wonderful setting and memorable characters, a fun read for young adult readers who are into dark fantasy. Thanks to Ferdie Shamley, many people have met a tragic end, and most of them are closest to him. A person with exceptional and supernatural gifts, he is the core of The Seven, a powerful piece in their mission, but he is hunted as well. He is hunted by an evil force that is bent on destroying the world and plunging it into darkness. Ferdie and his friends, aided by supernatural beings, must defeat him or suffer the loss of the world they have always known. The only problem is: they have very little time. 

    The writing is exciting, and friendly — for want of a better word — in allowing the reader to follow the story and the characters with ease. The setting is painted with powerful prose and the author has the gift of measured writing, excellent and simple phraseology that makes for a great reading experience. Readers will undoubtedly enjoy the dialogues, well-crafted to read like real life conversations. I loved how Larry Buenafe uses the art of great dialogue to deepen character development and to enhance the plot lines. One of the joys of reading this story is that the reader is transported to a world animated by a phenomenal conflict, where the proverbial struggle between good and evil takes place. Ferdie and the Seven has a lot of surprises for readers, with unpredictable and compelling characters to follow. It was an awesome reading experience for me.