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Jeff Walton
Final Departure: Death is never on time
Jeff Walton, author
Final Departure delivers a message: Take eternity seriously. Spurred by an interest in near-death experiences, Jeff Walton distills current research into a novel about mortality and Christianity. Set in the Charlotte Douglas Airport, the story begins with retired NCIS Special Agent Dan Lucas, who gets ensnarled in a debate about religion with atheist Ben Chernick. Walton, a NCIS veteran, injects the mindset of a counterintelligence professional into Lucas, who provides glimpses into the world of NCIS counterintelligence. Final Departure focuses on who gets into heaven and who misses the cut. It also poses questions about the origins of life and evil. Tightly woven with a backdrop of human tragedies and crime, the story pulls the reader along as the characters bare their souls. Walton believes Final Departure will take you on a journey with no return flight. He might even get you to the destination he has in mind.