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Finding An Indian Bride
Vinay Kallat, author
The story is inspired by real life events of an Indian guy, who is stuck in the process of an arranged marriage. It all started on his 24th birthday, when his mother realized that her youngest son had all grown up and was ready for a marriage. This is the story of how he meets up with various interesting girls, and the anxiety he feels meeting the girl's family for the first time. The author also depicts the insecurities and the heartbreak of his life, while trying to find a bride. His complicated political work life entangled with a love story that would compel you to fall in love with the main character and at the same time feel sorry for him. How situations over power his logical reasoning at times. This book is for those who want to have a laugh at the awkward situation author is put through by his mother, to meet up random girls over a cup of coffee. The author also depicts the various complex issues of his life and how those things add up to whom he gets married to. The story involves various characters in author's real life that change the way he thinks about marriage. The emotional turmoil that would make you feel his pain. This book also provides some of the vital information and processes involved in an arranged marriage. It also shows the desperation of the author to get out of an arranged marriage and his mother's perseverance to overcome it. This book would take you into a roller coaster ride depicting his every emotion, which ultimately affects his decisions. Societal pressure and beautiful distractions in his life, accompanied with his own insecurities makes it harder for him to decide what is the best choice for him. It is an internal fight between his brain to make a practical decision and his heart to make an emotional decision. This is his mother's proposal to get her son married to a girl she chooses for him. You have to read his story to know what he finally decides and would he do an arranged marriage or is there any more surprises that life has in store for him. The author has depicted every emotion of his life in an exciting Bollywood style writing with lots of humor. The motive behind writing this book was to showcase the awkward moments and the thought process a contestant in an arranged marriage goes through. What people are saying about Finding An Indian Bride: Entertaining Bollywood Type Read. Finding An Indian Bride is a funny, intelligent and engaging book. The author Vinay Kallat has a good sense of humor and does not seem to hesitate to have a good laugh at himself or his near and dear ones. The book sheds light on the process of arranged marriage in a Hindu family. The deep and influential bond of mother and son is touching. However, the manner in which a mother tries to take control of every aspect of her son's life is both amusing and irritating. The psychology of human nature is interestingly portrayed. By Sheryl Finding An Indian Bride is a fun and humorous read I couldn’t put it down when I started reading it. When I first saw the title, I thought this book is another tale that tells about oppression and human rights violation—no kidding! And I am just so glad that it is not. Finding An Indian Bride is actually a fun and humorous read and I couldn’t put it down when I started reading it. By Beth G. Finding An Indian Bride takes you through the adversities an Indian guy has to face to find love and his place in the universe. Funny, witty, with lots of relatable characters. By Sara Scanavini The romantic and dramatized real life events of the author's life is not the only take away from this book. Author cleverly embeds the following points in his book: Bonding between a mother and a son in an Indian Family? What someone feels while visiting a girl’s family for the first time? What awkward questions one has to face in the meet up? Does fate really decide your destiny? Is it possible to fall in love with a person you have just met? What complicated process one has to go through for an arranged marriage? Which is better a practical or an emotional approach towards marriage? What role family plays in an arranged marriage? Is arranged marriage only about fulfilling certain criteria? What is the power of love and fear? Can you go to any extent to fulfill your dream? Does Love thrive in an arranged Marriage? Do you believe in love at first sight? Meet you at chapter one.