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Finding Moana

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Publish)

A boy. A Haunted Island. A Time Bending Quest.

13-year-old Moana fights the cannibals who hunt him and the sinister power growing within him. 

The Island. When cannibals invade his island and destroy his village, Moana is saved by the anukus, a mysterious race of mountain dwellers. What ensues is a thrilling journey through the wondrous anuku world of subterranean caves and tunnels. What powerful force beneath the island is threatening the laws of time?

The Boy. Orphaned at birth, Moana doesn't know anything about his parents. With the guidance of the anukus, he learns to use his powers and discovers the secrets about his parents - but as one layer of mystery is exposed, more layers appear.

The Quest. There are so many questions which must be answered before Moana and the anukus can defeat the creatures. Why are the cannibals in Kaua’i, and why are they hunting Moana so relentlessly? What happened to Moana's parents, and how are they tied to the cannibals...and the anukus? 

Midwest Book Review

Moana is a fantasy novel about a young islander caught amid an invasion of bloodthirsty snake creatures and internal transformations that he does not fully understand. After an ominous explosion over the island of Kaua'i foretells the murderous assault of snake-beings that destroy Moana's home village, the mysterious mountain-dwelling race called tha anuku take him in. Gradually Moana learns about the enigmas surrounding the anuku, the snake-creatures, and himself, yet his struggle for survival will take far more than understanding - his courage, strength, and will must be tempered if he is to confront the forces that have turned his home island into a haven for evil and marked him as the snake-creature's primary target and deadliest threat. A thrilling adventure from cover to cover.

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