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Adult; Romance; (Market)

FIRE ON MONTSERRAT is set in the scary beginnings of the Soufriere Hills Volcano eruptions on Montserrat in 1995, and is centred on a love between two young people.... The story unfolds through a series of flashbacks as the lovers meet again on the island after 20 years, but many things have changed. Only one recognises the other and he is bent on teaching her what it feels like to be left behind…. In a series of riveting and suspenseful twists and turns, true love vies for supremacy over vengeance and a deadly secret which someone will kill to keep buried….. Will their love survive, or will they once again be torn apart by the Fire on Montserrat….?

I've just finished reading "Fire on Montserrat" by Catherine Dorsette, a local Author. The plot is BRILLIANT and the characters believable and evolving. I literally couldn't put the book down and can hardly wait for her next novel!

Written with Montserrat and our active volvano as the background, it was delightful following the characters through familiar areas, roads and buildings. 

Good job Catherine! I would love to see this book made into a movie.

Catherine Dorsette Launches New Novel - Fire on Montserrat


Fire on Montserrat: A Caribbean Love Story by Catherine Dorsette was officially launched at the Montserrat Public Library on Thursday, February 11.
Friends and family attended the launch to celebrate the release of the author’s fifth book project.
Librarian Sonja Smith said the book takes you on a journey from a very challenging time in Montserrat’s history – the volcanic eruptions to present day. She said novels were an important way to capture the experiences of that time and preserve them for future generations.
Dorsette told the intimate gathering that the idea for Fire on Montserrat came about in 2015 when the island was commemorating the 20th anniversary of the start of the eruptions. As she was not familiar with some of the villages which were destroyed, her husband Rudolph assisted her in identifying suitable places from which the hero and heroine could be live.
Melissa O’Garro said she favours thrillers and suspense novels but was drawn to the book and was absolutely impressed with the quality of the writing and how the story pulled her in. She commended the author for writing such an interesting take on Montserrat’s journey through the eyes of the lovers and she encouraged others to purchase the book as well.
Other fans also gave high praises for the book and said it was a wonderful read.

Special thanks was given to the media and the staff of the library for making the event possible.

Copies of Fire on Montserrat are available on island from the author and at TSO. It is also available on for kindle and in print.