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Olga Sheean
Fit for Love: find your self and your perfect mate
Olga Sheean, author

Fit for Love is a fully illustrated guide to creating healthy, happy, fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life: in your friendships, work, partnerships, family—and with yourself. You will learn how to: heal and enhance your existing relationships; communicate honestly, openly and powerfully; become emotionally healthy, whole and magnetic; resolve conflict and create healthy boundaries; attract your ideal partner; and create the life and the love you want. You will also discover why your life has unfolded the way it has, and what you can do to positively transform your circumstances. Filled with insights, exercises, practical techniques, catchy colour illustrations and inspiring case histories, Fit for Love takes you on a journey of self-discovery, healing and empowerment, showing you how to access and transform all the fears, insecurities, self-doubts and negative beliefs that have prevented you from fully knowing or expressing who you really are. Through this book, you will gain an understanding of your powerful ability to create what you want, to enjoy lasting, loving relationships, and to upgrade all aspects of your life.