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Football Flyboy
Buster, a small-town football hero, turns pilot during WW2, with an ego to match both titles. His attitude grows as gets outside his comfort zone piloting C-47 troop and cargo carriers from Labrador, Greenland, Iceland, France, Cairo, China, Japan, and the Phillipines. His letters are a one way communication showing his journey. His mail could never catch up with him which he firmly stated, "pissed him off," and left him only able to write what was on his mind every day with no news from home. He finds a turning point in his life that changes his views on humanity that humble him as he grows into manhood. His camera documents the devastation he see's that humble his spirit. Through his letters home we learn the family dynamics that made him into a man of honor and compassion. Lonely for home he remains true to his high school sweetheart he married prior to leaving on his tour of duty. Learning his imperfections he develops strength and courage throughout his life determined to be a man that will do what it takes to be a decent respectable gentleman.His death is met with no regrets, a silent hero, and secret good deeds. The author bounces back between letters, his family, and his end times to build his character in three dimensions. From the baby with no-name that dethroned his sister Ruby Lee, to hotshot flyboy, husband, father, corporate big-wig, and finally "Old Dad" that makes his story a statement of what it takes to be a good man.