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Children/Young Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Market)

The Doc Larsen Business Adventure Series draws upon the author’s senior corporate management experience, teaching entrepreneurship and management at three universities, publication of two entrepreneurial management books and mentoring many new business managers. Release date for the first book in the series, ‘Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure’ is June 15, 2020, with one additional title planned for release in 2020. A portion of proceeds from all book sales is being donated to several organizations committed to helping young entrepreneurs including Junior Achievement of America. The Challenge: So how do we educate and motivate young potential entrepreneurs, helping them understand how to plan, launch, and manage a new business? Empowering young adults with entrepreneurship skills helps them excel no matter what career path they pursue. Entrepreneurship programs teach students critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, ethics and social responsibility and to plan, develop, launch and manage a new business. But there are challenges. Young adults prefer stories to textbooks. And compared to action stories, business can be boring. But it doesn’t have to be If we develop creative strategies to attract, motivate, and educate young adult readers. The Opportunity: To address this need, the author created the Doc Larsen Business Adventure Series to spur young adult interest in entrepreneurship, help them evaluate and develop new business ideas and create successful new business ventures. The conversational style of ‘Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure’ targets young adults and provides readers with a strong foundation to understand the challenges and solutions for creating a successful new venture. Using conversations and storytelling techniques, not academic lectures, and a light entertaining, highly readable, jargon-free style and structure with ‘quotable’ messages ensures Freddie and Billie’s ‘learn by doing’ experience is shared with readers. Educating Young Adult Entrepreneurs: Understanding how new ventures are developed typically demands a ‘textbook’ approach reviewing business models, marketing, strategy and this can be overwhelming.. The author created the Business In A BoxTM system- a powerful, simple to understand tool to plan, launch and manage new ventures with seven integrated models. Easy to explain, the models fit together to offer a simplified streamlined process and a powerful tool helping young adult entrepreneurs develop a new venture plan. The Story: Living near Long Island’s south shore, Freddie Lampert and Billie Phillips were two high school seniors, spending all their spare time pursuing their favorite pastime, fishing. They had an idea for a new fishing jig- they designed it, built it, tested it, and it attracted more fish than any other jig. They knew they had a great idea. So now what? Two high school seniors, planning for college, wanted to pursue a new business opportunity. Many more questions than answers, clueless on where to start, and as they said, ‘… they knew zilch about business’. Both are older now, married with families, and co-founded a successful public software design company. And their teen year names stuck- Billie and Freddie. They share their story on their teen age business journey, through a three-hour interview on a new TV show, Lessons For Young Entrepreneurs. They share their experience creating a new fishing jig business with the help of Dr. Ralph Larsen, or ‘Doc’, and his constant companion, Mitch, described as the ‘droolingest’ St. Bernard they ever saw, totally out of place on Long Island’s south shore where they grew up. You see labs and retrievers but not St. Bernard’s like Mitch who they thought ‘… should have a drink casket around his neck and rescue skiers buried in mountain avalanches. Not many avalanches in Massapequa, NY’. The journey Billie and Freddie take, with Doc’s mentoring, starting with an idea and creating an exciting opportunity is shared with readers in Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure. So for a young entrepreneur like Freddie or Billie, thinking about a new business idea they want to pursue, maybe design a new kitchen tool, create a new pet accessory, or maybe develop a new fishing jig, and don’t know where to start, or like the idea of ‘doing your own thing’, this book can help. Helping young entrepreneurs is why Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure was written. And if Freddie and Billie’s entrepreneurial journey helps even one young entrepreneur say, ‘I can do that’, the author will have accomplished his mission. The Doc Larsen Business Adventure Series-Upcoming Releases Two planned follow-on books build on the first book’s model describing the entrepreneurial journey taken by several young aspiring entrepreneurs. Young adult women, accounting for an increasing segment of new business development, will lead in the two follow-on books.
Industry Executives

“A terrific book not only for teens but for anyone contemplating starting a business or saving one that is doing poorly. Take Doc’s words… ‘Trust me on this.’”

Chuck Nash   Founder and CEO Emerging Technology Inc. (ETII); retired U.S. Navy Captain and Fox News military analyst


“Paul Silverman takes the readers on the inspirational journey of two young entrepreneurs- a step-by-step playbook showing the ups and downs of building a business.  Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure will be “the” manual and a must read for the next  Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk.”

Tom McMillen   Former Congressman, Olympian, NBA star, and businessman


I found the book very innovative, in the method of presentation and the weaving in of elements to seemingly entertain, but with a goal to maintain excitement for learning that is sorely missing from dry finance books … By seeming to target the writing towards junior entrepreneurs, it is clear that there are years of experience both in the creation of businesses, and in the teaching of problem solving in finance and planning.  This is a contribution to learning that will prove its value in both means and method for years to come–simple yet effective; and as much a requirement for New Ventures, as it is for Business Planning for organizations large and small.”

Michael W. Wynne   Former Air Force Secretary, and Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. Now an entrepreneur as Chairman, Hackproof Technologies


Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure” takes its readers from a simple business idea about building and selling a unique and effective fishing lure through a deep understanding of what it really takes to turn an idea into a real business.  Along the way the reader, along with Freddie and Billie, learn essential business concepts that can guide any would-be entrepreneur to success.  This book is ideal for any young aspiring business builder. ”


Carl Eckstein   NextGen Venture Group, CEO; NextGen Venture Capital, Former Managing Partner