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Andre Adams
Author, Illustrator
Freedom Fries: Musings on French and American Culture
Andre Adams, illustrator

Freedom Fries is a satirical, illustrated compendium featuring musings on French and American culture. My ex-wife is French (from Lille, north of Paris) and I lived there for five years. I do visit quite often and have many friends hounding me when I will move back. After the last election especially, it may be sooner than later. The experiences & frustrations I had there—as well as here as well--inspired me to chronicle them into a humorous collection of observations. It is definitely autobiographical of sorts. There are a few books out there with humorous accounts on French culture (Merde!, Talk to the Snail, 60 Million Frenchmen Can't be Wrong, Frenchies) but none that feature comics with biting commentary on the quirks of each country. Believe me, there is plenty of fodder on both ends.