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From Darkness to Light
Confronted by the sudden realization that her entire life no longer fits her, magazine editor Lindsey Lewis promptly has a quarter-life crisis. She leaves her former dream job, seven-year relationship, and home. Pursued by anxiety and panic attacks, Lindsey embarks on a new path that takes her to a studio apartment in Vancouver, a one-bedroom in Paris and then Greece, and time after time to a yoga mat. Along the way, she meets three strangers who will change her life, her perception of what’s possible, and ultimately, her understanding of herself. On the walkway along the edge of the ocean, she meets Iairos, dressed in white, tanned from the sun, white hair and bald head capping a beaming face. He shows up inexplicably at the precise moments when she is feeling alone, bringing with him a very distinct message. The Navajo medicine man who finds her in a crowd to tell her she is the one he has been waiting for brings with him a gift and a story that can’t possibly be true but is. And the orange-clad swami from India reveals to her a life-changing truth about who she really is.