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From Earth to Oblivion: The Passing of Humankind
In From Earth to Oblivion: The Passing of Humankind, Dr. Ross E. Goodrich, a geographer, gives a startling picture of the greatest of all threats to humanity: The predicament of humankind. Our population is growing and we cannot stop the growth; our habitat has a limited amount of living space that soon will not meet our needs; and our habitat has a limited supply of life-support that is about to fail us. These facts foretell what many privately ponder but fear to explore—the economic and social collapse of human society. In this bold treatise, Dr. Goodrich explains why, contrary to our deepest hopes, grandest dreams, and despite our space age technology, we cannot eliminate poverty, achieve world peace, or turn back the degradation of the ecosystems that provide our food, water, energy, and a healthy environment. This informed account reveals what is about to happen to our society, why and how the world is about to change for our children and grandchildren, and what finally will become of us.