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From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam
I am the mother of a murdered child and the victim of being wrongly charged. I loved my son and treasured every minute of his short life. Notwithstanding the fact most people viewed him as being terribly deformed with serious physical and mental disabilities, Adam laughed and enjoyed life. I was devastated when he died but the real nightmare was still to come. Hours after Adam’s death, police showed up at my door and accused me of murdering my little boy, further shattering my already tattered self. Over my cries of protest, social services gave my nine-year-old daughter, Anne, to her misogynist emotionally and physically abusive father. From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam is the gripping story of what ensued. How could the district attorney, state psychologists, and a grand jury all be wrong? How could anyone believe I didn’t murder Adam? Yet how could anyone believe I did? The investigation of my son’s murder was wrought with incomplete, irresponsibly lazy police work. The investigating officers and prosecutors failed to conduct a forensic investigation of any kind as they immediately formed their opinion. The conclusion of the original coroner’s autopsy was later proved to be flawed and his office was further compromised by the fact his assistant was later convicted of selling nude photos of autopsied children. My son’s babysitter and my ex-husband each identified me as being either the killer or an abusive mother. They deliberately lied to cover their respective guilt. Their testimony fed the investigators of the case with the fuel they sought. I engaged two compassionate attorneys who believed in me. Without them I wouldn’t be alive or free for I couldn’t prove I was innocent. Nor could the State prove I was guilty. I lived in limbo land for eighteen years until the correct person was convicted. He served nine years and was released early on good behavior. Most people would agree that the death of their child, whether by natural causes or a terrible accident is the worst thing that can happen to a parent. From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam is more than a true crime novel. It’s more than a memoir or a historic non-fiction. It’s a “Oh my God, this really happened to a mother and her children but she survived! She’s doing all right! Then, maybe, so can I!” I first began From Miracle to Murder as a letter to my daughter because I needed her to know and understand how much I loved her and her brother. My characters are real people. I document what they did, what they said, and my relationship with them. The events are depicted as accurately as possible and are based on actual police reports, depositions, court records, a grand jury transcript, criminal trial transcripts, psychologist’s written evaluations, eye witness accounts, journals, victim impact statements, various avenues of public media, Adam’s autopsy, and my haunting memories, recalled to the best of my abilities. When I refer to or quote documents, I use real names of the real characters. I change their names when I need to protect the innocent from the guilty. I invite the reader into my life. I want them to see what I saw, thought, heard, and felt at each stage of my journey through the legal system, and beyond. This book is for anyone who believes in the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. I trust readers will walk away from Miracle with a greater faith that they can survive the impossible, forgive the unforgiveable, learn how not to remain a victim, and how to create moments of clarity in the midst of chaos. From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam will appeal to lovers of children, the truth, justice, miracles, joy and most of all, true crime stories with uplifting endings. Readers love to see a down-trodden underdog overcome insurmountable odds. I am a survivor of crime, a blogger, an advocate against abuse, and a voice for justice.