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From Slate to Crimson
Brandon Hill, author
Talante, for 10,000 years has governed his clan like a father in the endless war with their hated enemy over the fate of humankind. One winter’s night, he chances to meet Amelia Grayson, a human whose blood arouses his desire, and whose presence arouses his compassion in a way no mortal ever has before. Distracted and terrified by all but alien emotions and instincts by this burgeoning bond in a prelude to what may be his clan’s most desperate hour, Talante is caught between duty and desire, until he is forced by choice and circumstance to decide whether to hold to the one he has grown to love more than his immortal life, or in spite of the cost, let go for the sake of his people and Amelia’s safety, in spite of twofold danger: one from a ravenous enemy that has hunted her kind for millennia … and the other from the seductive bond that would make her forever his, body and soul.
Amazon Kindle Customer

The first book in this series starts off with an intense and immediate sense of romantic foreboding. It drips with emotional foreshadowing that kept me hooked and engaged. The introduction of the vampire Talante reimagines the origins of the vampire species in an enlightened and intellectual way. A great read if you love the dangerous allure of vampire romance in the midst of a long awaited reckoning. Hill's words are enticing, spellbinding, and kept me turning page after page for more.