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  • 09/2019
  • 978-0-578-51167-2
  • 277 pages
  • $18.00
From the Summer of Love to the Valley of the Moon

San Francisco, 1967. A teenager comes of age during the Summer of Love at her rock & roll wedding. Her story relates the saga of life and relationships from then until the present through many lessons learned the hard way, until when, in 2005 she transitioned into yet another challenging marriage to the founder of an iconic winery in the Valley of the Moon. An inspirational narrative of one woman’s perseverance, creativity and stamina to overcome the cultural norms of patriarchy through years of controlling abuse and moving on through the learning curve of personal growth. The publication of this story was inspired and encouraged by the now prominent #MeToo Movement.


5.0 out of 5 stars Living With Hope

Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

A well-written and vivid snapshot of the times and life of the author as she rises above her dashed hopes for happiness. Included are thought-provoking insights into the sad state of US mental health care while providing a fascinating history of the Valley of the Moon wine industry in the making.


5.0 out of 5 stars A Resilient suvivor

Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2019

Format: Paperback

I received this book from a friend who sent it to me. I was intrigued and once I opened the book I simply could not put it down! Nancy's life has been a rough one, in fact often a nightmare by any standard! Nancy presents her experiences in a straightforward, factual, and candidly open manner. Throughout the book she shares her life experiences within the context of the 60’s San Francisco musical scene to the California wine country and her life there. She survived many hardships including abuse and abandonment. But she also shares her joyful, simple, pure and happy times as she rides horses, thrills at beautiful scenery, and describes her cherished supportive friendships. I only wish she had had many more of the good times!
Despite all her life challenges, Nancy kept going while overcoming each obstacle. Such courage and resilience is unique and I was rooting for her through each tough spot, just hoping she would find relief and happiness. I cried in places, it was so hard to think about what she was going through. And yet she has survived and by sharing her memoir, may help others to understand abuse of all types, mental illness, and love. I hope that Nancy is now able to enjoy her life, her talents, and her friendships to the fullest. She so dearly deserves it.


A story of a marvelous, complicated life, full of courage and tenacity.

Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2020

Format: Kindle Edition

Nancy Martin’s “From the Summer of Love to the Valley of the Moon” is a narrative that speaks to anyone’s life in some way or another. The memoire is written in a chronological way, with a very direct and honest telling of a full, complicated, and marvelous life. She is one tough, brilliant, competent woman, who has led an existence that goes beyond one’s imagination.
She describes in wonderful prose, life in the 1970’s music scene, living in beautifully exotic settings, working with horses, rising to heights in the fledgling Sonoma wine business, and beautiful descriptions of travels with her husband, to the exotic areas of the Spanish and French Riviera.
Her life was not without major challenges, as she had to work through tough decisions regarding marriages, and unexpected medical issues of her own, and others close to her that would derail anyone. Her honesty in writing about them shows a resiliency that is inspirational:

“I was the spectator, watching the most sacred threads of my life unravel, and
blow away in the wind like the fluff on a puffball from the garden.”

Personal letter

Your life is amazing-but your resilience is astounding-just astonishing. 
You are one dynamic, determined, accomplished, gutsy woman. 
You are a great story teller and your story and your ability to triumph over extraordinary hardships can be a lantern of hope for so many. 
I hope this book is read by many. I will absolutely recommend to my clients. 
Send this to Oprah. You should be a motivational speaker!!!!

Marcia Avila, M.S., MFT

Nancy J. Martin interview on NPR 91 FM


On Sunday, May 10 at 10am, Gil Mansergh will be airing an interview with me (Nancy J. Martin) to discuss my memoir From the Summer of Love to the Valley of the Moon on his NPR show Word by Word: Conversations with Writers.

You can listen in on KRCB radio 91, 91.1 FM Santa Rosa or live stream the program at; or you can listen to the podcast at

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Paperback Details
  • 09/2019
  • 978-0-578-51167-2
  • 277 pages
  • $18.00