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Game of Bones #18 Rafferty & Llewellyn British Mystery Series
If you like Detective Series with a few laughs, you'll like this. Sergeant Llewellyn's remark that, perhaps, 'Someone ELSE had made them a gift of Professor Anthony Babbington as the murderer, was just sour grapes, in Detective Joe Rafferty's opinion. But Llewellyn could plant a doubt where none had existed before. And Rafferty, sure in his own mind that they had the culprit, disregarded Llewellyn, who was known to greatly admire Babbington. They had so much proof it was embarrassing: Babbington's fingerprints on the murder weapon; the victim's blood on his shirt; and his DNA on the dead man. Rafferty couldn't believe it when his 'sure thing' began to slowly unravel. He refused to admit his growing doubts about Babbington's guilt to Llewellyn, who championed the professor, and was as convinced of Babbington's innocence as Rafferty was of his culpability. But gradually, all Rafferty's certainty vanished into dust, and he was left to prepare himself to face the music when Superintendent Bradley came back from his expensive holiday, to find that the 'sure thing' he had left with Rafferty, had inexplicably become anything but. Unless Joe Rafferty could find some way to turn defeat into triumph…

Great police procedural, as usual from this author. Great read.

Another great story in the Rafferty and Llewelyn series. This one’s different to most in that the book starts with the arrest and then deals with subsequent doubts and conflicting evidence. It was very enjoyable.

Keeps you guessing right up to the final chapter

Well rounded characters, clever plot with twists and turns. Have thorough enjoyed all 18 and look forwards with anticipation to number 19

Another winner from Geraldine Evans

Another winner for this author. She never fails to surprise her readers. It is has good plot, a lot of surprises and a clever twist ending. It kept me guessing as always and her humour raises the stakes a never know what DI Joseph Rafferty is going to come up with next. She carries the reader along smoothly and her policemen as well as other characters are totally believable and entertaining. A must for readers who enjoy a good crime fiction novel.

Still going strong

Just wanted to once again recommend the Rafferty & Llewellyn series to readers. This is the 18th book in the series, and the plot (and the characters) seem as fresh as ever. Quite the nifty little twist in this one, which was appreciated. Looking forward to the 19th!

Oddball detective team scored again

I love Rafferty and Llewellyn! Their squabbling methods of crime solving make me laugh. I hope we can look forward to many more criminals being removed from the streets by this unlikely sleuthing combo.

Game of Bones

I love all of this series! Thank you for sharing your talent! I can't wait to read the next one!

Great characters and intricate plot

If you love mysteries with great characters and intricate plots, this is the book for you! Follow Inspector Rafferty and his stalwart sergeant Llewellyn as they take opposite sides in the guilt of murder suspect, college professor Babbington. Is he a devious murderer or someone's patsy? They only have two weeks to unravel this puzzle while also solving a spate of knife muggings with no clear suspect! This one will keep you guessing until the end!