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pamita rao
Gates of Heaven
pamita rao, author
An empire ruled by evil and fear; a king obsessed with greed for greater power and desire to conquer other realms. Alaira and Horace have just stood up against the tyranny and committed the most serious crime in the kingdom. If captured, they face a brutal punishment. With the King’s men on their back and his dark magic against their fate, they are on the run in a race against time. Their only strength is the fearless support of a few villagers and their only hope is to escape through the Gates of Heaven, a mythical portal to other realms. To add to all their troubles, anyone who tried to reach the Gates of Heaven has faced death in the enchanted forests. Will Alaira and Horace find the Gates of Heaven? Will they escape the king’s army or will they meet the dreaded fate of every criminal in Myrth?