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Matt McAvoy
Author, Service Provider
Geezing Along at 80: Shaking off the Last Drop
MJV Literary, editor

This book is written for seniors, potential seniors, and the young, who think that they will never grow old. Telling, in his own inimitable style, the eight decade life story of a first generation American - the son of Italian migrants - who has never lost his enthusiasm for life and his country. It may be disjointed, disorganized and rambling: the product of a clueless codger.

Arthur Besner

Entertaining the reader is no easy task, especially when dealing with a serious issue like aging. Rather than avoiding what all of us must ultimately face as we age, we are treated by the author's ability to validate the book's subtitle - - "Living, Loving and Laughing After 80." It can be done!
The humor is wonderful as Anthony Anastasi shares his thoughts on getting second and third opinions before committing to invasive surgery; having more fun after retirement; observing outrageous conduct at funerals; listing life's ironies that require making the most important decisions when we are least prepared; and offering values that can guide us in making the tough calls.
It is now time, the author concludes so wisely, to think more about our legacies than our accomplishments so that our children and grandchildren will have a "hands on" model to lead meaningful and productive lives.