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Gems of a Lifetime: Mining Light from Every Place
In Gems of a Lifetime, the author shares "gems" of light that she has mined in her own life. Her metaphor of gemstones for these illuminations point to a glorious and loving God. She focuses on the jewels of light discovered from growing up in her hometown of Joplin, Missouri and gives voice to Oracles of Wisdom gained through, and sometimes in spite of, religious affiliation. She then honors the greatest light of all - the essence of the divine with us.
This charming memoir brings humility, compassion, and cleverness to the study of many of American culture’s most prominent spiritual and religious traditions. Unger was born and raised in Joplin, Mo., a small mining town where people learned to find meaning in the everyday pleasures and challenges of life. Educated at the Worldwide Church of God’s Ambassador College, she was immersed in biblical studies. Her life experiences taught her that the Bible contained many hidden gems that systematic scripture study would not unearth: one had to consider one’s present condition, and find reflections in the text that inform and inspire the reader. Her later journeys led her through the writings of Mormonism, Eastern mysticism, and other sacred texts. In each, she found insightful lessons and ways to think about her own condition. The last pages of this book explore Unger’s fascination with sacred stones, and her successful integration of new-age ideas with the teachings of the Bible. Readers who enjoy an exciting spiritual journey will celebrate this story. (BookLife)