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Get Back in the Game: Overcoming the Eight Obstacles to Optimal Female Health and Performance
Despite having a clean bill of health, many fit and active women don’t feel well. Some struggle with fatigue, depression, and anxiety; others with recurring injuries, persistent pain, unexplained weight loss, or stubborn weight gain. Because these symptoms usually defy a medical diagnosis, they are often ignored. While interest in women’s specific health and performance is gaining momentum, approximately 75% of all medical studies and 97% of all exercise science research is currently being conducted on men, leaving women with very little gender-specific information to benefit from. Get Back in the Game fills the health and performance gap, empowering women with the actionable information they need to eat, move, and live well. New York Times bestselling author Mark Sisson calls Get Back in the Game, “The book active, health-minded women have been waiting for...a perfect blend of scientific insight, ancestral wisdom, and practical advice.” Get Back in the Game is a must-read for every active woman. Whether you're struggling to stay healthy, happy, and fit or simply seeking a better understanding of your unique female physiology, this book is for you.