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Serena Toxicat
Author, Translator, Contributor
Ghosts in Bones
People wonder why middle-aged performer Pallas de Fiore isn’t "over" her anorexia nervosa yet. Hers is one of the two fastest-growing demographics and Pallas has no insurance, so obtaining treatment seems unlikely. The ever-sabotaging beast—her eating disorder—is happy about that and keeps her resistant. Pallas’s boyfriend is her biggest enabler and her best friend Audra isn’t having any of it. Determined to get her accepted as an inpatient, Audra and Pallas' outpatient therapist connect with the desperate mother of another middle-aged anorectic, and after several ER trips and false alarms, they find a specialized hospital program that will take her. Pallas enters treatment but leaves quietly at her first opportunity. However, she brings herself back to the facility out of a sense of guilt, and stays for the remaining six weeks, meeting colorful, touching personalities and bonding with a few souls. Now, Pallas must keep combating her resilient beast and accept to continue her journey to wellness. She engages in activism to change existing laws around insurance, mental health parity, and early intervention, and fights for truth in advertising in the illness-enabling media.