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Girl Insane
L A Clive, author
You would think Diamanda White was just a normal girl, living a normal life. But is she really as innocent as she looks? No one would believe that she is capable of murder, not even her psychic twin sister. No one knows who she really is. Not even Diamanda herself… Faced with a new challenge, she travels from London to Miami to uncover a secret computer programme that Edwin Young, the world’s youngest billionaire, is developing. From the first meeting, they are magnetically drawn to each other. Diamanda’s biggest fears turn to reality when her psychic twin sister Anna disappears. She has always made sure not to reveal that she had a sister to anyone. Has Anna been mistaken for her? Too late, she wishes she had heeded Anna’s warning not to come to Miami. Will she find her sister before it’s too late? And does Edwin Young have anything to do with her disappearance? In this game of spies, who is spying on whom?