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Girl with a Blue Diamond
An Egyptian immigrant comes to New York city, engineer by profession, struggles through a new life in America, enjoys his single status by going to movies, Broadway plays, bars and horse races, loves Jones beach, meets a gay guy at race tracks, becomes friends, goes through cultural differences, language problems that create funny situations, meets a moody/nympho in new apartment building, feeling sad and sympathetic for that girl, gets bored of his loneliness, goes to Cleveland, away from New York’s hectic life. After two failed affairs gets bored of Cleveland’s dull life and missing New York and that girl, comes back to New York and that starts an unconventional romantic love story. The book depicts culture of New York City in 1970s. The past lives of both have dramatic and sad events. This work of fiction narrated in first person in friendly manner. He tells you his feelings and expresses his emotions. Witty, friendly writing style, romantic, touchy, emotional love story that makes this book worth reading. Please, do not read the last chapter till the end.