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James Mulhern
Give Them Unquiet Dreams
In 1976, fourteen-year-old Aiden wants to free his mother from McCall's, a psychiatric institute outside of Boston. He's certain she's not schizophrenic because he also sees ghosts. His grandpa, whose spirit visits at night, tells him he must rescue his mom from "that shower of savages" at the hospital. "Like you, she has second sight. Your grandmother's ma also had the gift. She was demonized, and we can't let that happen to your mother.” Aiden enlists the help of his nana's old-lady friends, his brother Martin, and a cat named Arthur. Aiden has the foresight to know that everything will turn out okay, even though bad things may happen. They always do. Nana's advice that life demands we "keep calm and carry on" propels him as he is challenged by tragedies, unexpected twists of fate, and the spirit world.
Kirkus Reviews

"A novel presents an emotional story about coming-of-age, spirituality, and the mysteries that lie beyond everyone’s ordinary, waking moments. . . . A story about family and history give[s] the sense that everything and everyone are connected across time, whether or not those ties are immediately perceived. . . . A luminous, beautifully told fairy tale grounded in history and elevated by spirit." Kirkus Reviews (starred review)