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Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land
Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land is a natural history and photographic book that explores one of the earth's last primeval places, a spectacular mountainous landscape penetrated by fjords created by retreating ice, home to wildlife including whales, seals, sea lions, sea otter, moose, mountain goats, brown and black bear, wolverine, bald eagles and puffins. More than a half million visitors come yearly to this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Southeast Alaska's northern panhandle, drawn by its un spoiled natural grandeur. Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land was first published i 1975, and now with a completely updated text and more than 250 photographs by the author, William D boehm. The book takes the reader from his beginning experience as a park ranger in Glacier Bay in 1972, to over 42 years of subsequent exploration and interpretation of this glaciated, mountainous landscape of incredible beauty. Each chapter covers individual topics from geography and geology to plant succession, stream development, marine birds, and marine mammals. It is a book that will both entertain and portray the natural history of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.