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Gladly Giraffe
George Masi, illustrator
This is the story of a sensitive and kindly giraffe who is always eager to help his friends with their problems in an effort to make them happy
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By Bernard E Cowan on March 29, 2015


It has been many a year since I had so much fun reading a delightful book such as this. Exquisitely written (I'm very much smitten) and so engagingly illustrated. Catherine Meade is surely a treasure. One looks forward eagerly to her next endeavor.

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Gladly Giraffe {Book Review}





My daughters and I have been picking up on our reading. Butterfly finally sits through a book that’s more than a couple of pages long and now Bee “reads” to herself all of the time!

I’m always looking for new books, ones with interesting story lines that haven’t been done to death. I have found that a lot of children’s stories are bad, in my opinion, and I’m not going to list names because I know that they are others favorites! No fight today!

I was excited to be approached about a new book, Gladly Giraffe.


Gladly Giraffe is the nicest, most gracious giraffe you’d ever meet. He would do whatever he can for all of his friends! Since Gladly was obviously tall, a lot of his help came in the form of picking up his friends and placing them in high places.

Gladly never complained and seemed to have a lot of friends around… Oliver Owl, Sandra Amy Louise (the Siamese), Belinda Balloon, Sybil Skunk and Dame Cow. Gladly was happy to help all those in need, some of them didn’t even need to ask!  By the end, all of his friend’s appreciated his help and reciprocated his kindness!

I liked this book because there aren’t a lot of books out there about being kind, just for the sake of being kind… or for that matter, reciprocating kindness for those who are kind to you. As a mother, I feel like I’m constantly giving and giving and giving, with rarely a thought of receiving anything back. I feel like I have a friend like each of Gladly’s friends who are asking of my time and resources.

I also appreciate how Gladly does everything… well, Gladly. No complaints, no arguments, no excuses. He does it with joy and kindness.

What was also a nice change, was that Gladly was a male, who was able to give of himself, because we more often hear of the woman giving of herself.

Bee really got into the book. After our second time through, she decided she could “read” it herself. She read it a couple of nights later, until she fell asleep!


The Education Cafe

In honor of National Poetry Month (which is coming in a few days) I would like to introduce you to the book Gladly Giraffe, written by Catherine Meade.  It is beautifully illustrated by George Masi and full of delightfully fun poetic lines, such as:

“It is said the giraffes are not always too kind

But our Gladly was not one of these.

And if anything he went just almost too far

In his constant desire to please.”

In the story, Gladly helps a chimp catch a blimp to Kenya. Other travels take Gladly to a king’s palace and a sheik’s tent . as he helps various animal friends along the way.

This book is available in paperback and hardcover from Amazon.