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Debby Efurd
Go Tell It!
Debby Efurd, author
Go Tell It!, by Debby Efurd, is the story of a woman who looked perfect on the outside, but was tormented by a secret that robbed her of real life and living for decades. But God intervened and brought her to a time and place where she finally surrendered all of herself . . . even her deepest, darkest hurt . . . to the One who transformed her and gave her hope. With breathtaking honesty, Debby Efurd peels back the layers of her roller coaster life and plants surprising lessons in your heart. Her story, along with the stories of others who have each found their voice by sharing their life-changing experience, will give you encouragement, hope, and inspiration for a future filled with meaning and joy. If you are searching for compassion, understanding, and wisdom from those who have “been there” . . . those who have walked a path similar to your own . . . Go Tell It! will open the door to your new beginning . . . to a life transformed by God’s grace. All it takes is a willing heart and the courage to be honest with yourself . . . and others.