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Gregory Flood
Author, Illustrator
God: A User's Manual

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

You have infinite power to make your life anything you want it to be--and you are SO screwing it up!


It’s not your fault. Nobody told you that you had infinite power, after all. Or how to use it. But Gregory Edward Flood is telling you now. And he’s telling you how.


‘Reading this book is like running a vacuum through the cobwebs of your brain; finally, once and for all getting rid of all the accumulated dust left by upbringing, friends, family, school, and above all religion. --Reader Review 


Are you spiritual but not religious’ And are you any good at it’


You took that meditation class at your local community college. You friended the Dalai Lama on Facebook. You got your past lives read. (Wow! You used to be Cleopatra’s handmaiden!) Once you decide to be SBNR, it’s easy to get lost in W00-Woo Land. But there’s a big, beautiful spiritual universe out there for you to make sense out of. It’s as complicated as cooking ramen and it’s as mysterious as a cow standing in a field. And understanding It gives you power over your life that you never saw coming.


In GOD: A USER’S MANUAL you’ll learn:


  • What It is, what It does, how It works and how YOU can work It

  • How to connect to the right partner (no matter what a train wreck your love life is) 

  • How to have more money than you need (without committing a single crime) 

  • How to get rid of a conflict (Yes, even that conflict) 

  • How to heal your body of anything (Yes, even that) 



Gregory is writing to the vast number of people who would like to have a spiritual life, but who are completely turned off by everything they’re being offered: the tall tales, unprovable promises and hate speech of religion and the outrageous antics of the New Age and New Pagan movements. ‘I don’t believe anything,’ he says. ‘I either know something or I don’t know it. Having faith is for suckers.’


You’ll also learn: 


  • You can’t have a relationship with a Mystery

  • Religious people don’t know anything about God

  • God doesn’t care what you call It (so don’t call It ‘God’ if the word bothers you) 

  • Believing isn’t knowing

  • Worship is blasphemy

  • Christianity causes global warming

  • Sweetness and light doesn’t heal anything

  • Nothing you’ve ever done has pleased God, and nothing you’ve ever done has displeased God either. (So, relax). 

  • Prayers do get answered’if you know what the hell you’re doing



Gregory doesn’t expect you to believe anything just because he told you so. In GOD: A USER’S MANUAL he shows you how to prove to yourself that what he’s telling you is true. Every step of the way. 


‘His sentiments’marvelously free of sentimentality’are lucid and life-affirming, the universal projected clearly onto the individual.’ ‘In Touch


And you’ll also learn what’s NOT true: 


  • God’s up there, you’re down here (totally wrong) 

  • God has a plan (there’s no plan) 

  • Really spiritual people don’t judge anything (that’s stupid!) 

  • Some people are more spiritual than you are (impossible) 

  • Poverty is virtuous (just ask a poor person) 

  • Celibacy is virtuous (you’re kidding, right’) 

  • Spiritual people act like Smurfs (so annoying) 



To the newcomer this book will be a smart-mouthed, in-your-face blast of light, a sudden awakening to all the possibilities inherent in the spiritual life. To the long-time Truth student, it will bind all the disparate pieces of his or her understanding into a cohesive and organic whole. 


"Love it or hate it. But read it first." ‘Nick Alexander, A Different World


Buy it, read it, live by it. You’re a fool if you don’t.