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God and the Rubberband Man: Wrecked by Life, Redeemed by Love
Levi Shepherd survived pediatric cancer at age 4, only to lose his mother to a cerebral hemorrhage five years later, be placed in the mental wards of hospitals and drugged, bounce around the foster system, be abused by his foster father, and end up homeless. The Army Rangers program gave him a home and structure, but when his chute failed to deploy on his final qualifying jump, his broken body didn’t allow for further service. Desperate for a family unit, Levi entered the gang life, rising to the number two position – defending the leader. Levi was hurtling down a road that could only lead to prison or death. Except, God. Shepherd’s miraculous redemption from degradation and darkness is told in his autobiography God and the Rubberband Man: Wrecked by Life. Redeemed by Love (BelieversPress) releasing January 2015.