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Good Freshman To Thriving Freshman
Joshua Hill, author

Its getting tougher and tougher to get into college...especially the good colleges.  Some people believe that the freshman year is a throw away year and that colleges understand it is a transition year.  It is utter nonsenese.  As a matter of fact, the freshman year may be the most important year of a students high school career because students will choose their friends, classes, activities and actually establish the high school trajectory which will ultimately determine the level of post high school success they will enjoy. Ask any graduating senior who is relegated to their 7th or 8th choice on their college wish list.

"Good Freshman To Thriving Freshman" provides students with candid advice from dozens and dozens of thriving students, parents, teachers, counselors and college admission officers on how to not just do well during your first year of high school but how to thrive. 

Students love the book because it is written by fellow students; parents love it because it reinforces many of the values they try to instill into their own children; and teachers love it because it provides their students with tools to do well in their classes.