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Good Sam
Dete Meserve, author
When Los Angeles TV news reporter Kate Bradley is assigned to cover a story about ten people who have each found $100,000 in cash on their front porch she sets out to find the identity of the anonymous Good Samaritan, dubbed Good Sam, who is behind it all. As interest in the extraordinary gifts sweeps across the country, Kate finds the elusive Good Sam and her exclusive interview with him thrusts her into the national spotlight. Even as his message captivates viewers and wins ratings, Kate suspects he may not be all he claims to be and that the real Good Sam is still out there. Searching for answers, Kate unravels the powerful and unexpected reason behind the mysterious cash gifts and the true identity of Good Sam becomes the biggest surprise story of her career, turning her personal and professional life upside down.
Kate Bradley, a plainspoken and strong willed reporter for the Los Angeles Channel 11 News, has made a career out of covering the “Bummer Beat,” those stories involving crime and disaster. So when she’s assigned a “soft” story, she’s less than enthusiastic. A Good Samaritan has been leaving personalized bags of $100,000 in cash on the doorsteps of those in need. Kate, whose personal conflicts involve thwarting the attentions of her ambitious ex-fiancé and proving her career worthy of her politician father’s scrutiny, reluctantly begins interviewing those who have received the cash, expecting the story to fizzle. Yet as Kate tracks down “Good Sam,” the story becomes a media sensation; she finds unexpected romance and confronts her own deeply ingrained cynicism. Meserve’s narrative has a hard-boiled bent, with dry wit and well-conceived dialogue throughout. Kate’s relatable qualities of self-reliance tinged with vulnerability drive this gratifying mystery-romance about finding the good guys—and knowing when to recognize them. (BookLife)