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Genna Green, author

Children/Young Adult; Health, Diet & Parenting; (Market)

After a fun day at school, six year old Grayson Rice returns home and hears his parents arguing. In this carefully written storybook, Grayson talks about the different range of emotions he feels when he hears or sees shouting and hitting at home. He has bad dreams of angry monsters that shout; and have potty accidents at school and at home. Grayson is also unable to focus in class and finds himself in trouble for shouting and hitting on the playground. When Grayson is spanked for having a potty accident at home he tells his Mommy that hitting and shouting makes him feel sad and unsafe. This leads to a discussion about all the things that make him feel unsafe and a counselor is introduced to help Grayson’s family discover new ways of problem solving, communicating and feeling safe.