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Greenhouse Stripping: A Renovation of the Church
A.D. Hogan, author

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

"Greenhouse Stripping is a funny, poignant, heartbreaking, infuriating, introspective spiritual memoir that only A.D. Hogan could have written. Between tales of explosions, snakebites, and bear attacks it tells the story of a boy who want to be a Bad Christian but instead found a love for those he used to despise."

Greenhouse Stripping is a spiritual memoir about a boy who felt less like he had given up on church, and more like it had lost him along the way. His unorthodox journey away from the body of Christ led not only to adventures with unforgettable characters, but to a place of reconciliation with the very people for whom he had disdain.

It is for anyone who grew up in church and contemplated walking away.

It is for anyone who had been burned by its people.

It is for anyone searching to find their place.